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Silverleaf Academy believes high-quality affordable education should be available for all.

What is Silverleaf Academy?

Silverleaf Academy provides a high quality affordable education through various schools in our school network.  We believe that high quality affordable education should be available for all children.  Schools in developing countries often lack the teaching resources, teachers lack training, and parents cannot afford expensive alternatives.

We have developed a learning model that utilizes highly trained teachers, student centred learning approaches, integrated technology and increased parent involvement.

It is our goal that all Silverleaf schools lead to a greater level of success for students in academics, talent development, leadership and critical thinking skills.  We are working to create a future filled with opportunities for all. 

Our Company Values

Taking Big Leaps

Silverleaf Academy students, staff, and parents are encouraged to be excited to try new things, encouraged to take risks and taught to be comfortable making mistakes, learning and finding ways to improve.

Speaking, Listening And Learning

All those involved in Silverleaf Academy schools are motivated to clearly  share ideas, listen to others and work together looking at things from different perspectives and angles to identify the best ways forward in all tasks given.

Asking Why?And Why Not?

The Silverleaf experience teaches all to question things, to search for evidence and  facts to support decisions and push to make change in areas that have the potential to improve.

Leading The Way

Supporting others, innovating and leading in a honest, kind and loving way is  the expectation of all that engage in Silverleaf programs.

Living It

After encountering Silverleaf activities those who participate will show their determination in words and actions by believing in what they say and what they do.


Samwel Yonah­ Head Teacher

- Samwel Yonah -
Head Teacher

Samwel holds a Diploma in Education from Bishop Durning Teaching College. He has 6 years of teaching experience working within Tanzanian English Medium Private Schools.

Grace Makirita­ Classroom Teacher

- Grace Makirita­ -
Classroom Teacher

Grace holds a Certificate in Education from Intergrity Montessori Training Centre. She has 6 years experience working within Tanzanian English Medium Private schools. She is currently enrolled in Open University working toward a Bachelors of Education.

Kerri Elliott­ Education Lead

- Kerri Elliott­ -
Education Lead/Interim CEO

Kerri holds a B.S. in special education from Illinois State University, a Masters of Education in interdisciplinary Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University and a General Educational Administration Certificate from Aurora University. She has 12 years of classroom teaching experience and 8 years working in Tanzania on Educational Development projects.

Christian Linda Business Development

- Christian Massawe -
Marketing and Operations Manager

Christian was born and raised in Moshi. He attended J.K Nyerere primary school, Mawenzi Secondary for ordinary level and Longido High School. He continued on to study at Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies to pursue a bachelor of Art in Community Economic Development and worked with Anza as a BDA.

- Elingaya Massawe -

Elingaya is certified public accountant graduated from  the Institute of Finance Management (IFM). He is from Hai Kilimanjaro, with experince on group operations manager/group finance and admin manager. 

- Dr.Gordon Carver -
CEO & Co-Founder 

Gordon has worked on education projects in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Sierra Leone and Tanazania in the past eight years. Gordon designed, set up and led the successful MGCubed girls' education project and the Train For Tomorrow teacher training projects in Ghana. Gordon is passionate about raising the quality of education available to all Tanzanian families. Gordon was born in Kenya, went to school in the UK, and is a graduate of Cambridge and Yale Universities.

Christian Linda Business Development

- Gladness Kampa-
M&E  Associate

Gladness  graduated from Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) with bachelor degree in Community Development with bias in Project planning management. Currently she is on her way to finish her Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation from Open University of Tanzania. Her determination to help the community towards change especially in Education sector was what motivate her to join Silverleaf organisation.

- Agnetha Ambele -
Office Administrator.

Agnetha  was born and raised in Singida Region. she is an expert in Microfinance and Enterprise Development graduated at Moshi Cooperative University, one among the reason she joined Silverleaf Academy it's her love towards kids. 

- Raphael Mboya -
Chief Opertions Officer

Raphael is a graduate from Mzumbe University, and joins us from the MFI Opportunity International. Raphael will take a particular focus on developing our school property pipeline and contract negotiations, as well as overseeing all Silverleaf teaching staff in every school.

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