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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive you is responsible for developing the Silverleaf growth strategy,securing the necessary strategic human and financial resources, and forging domestic and international partnerships needed to effectively deliver the Company vision. You will lead the company in crafting a robust operating model, successfully piloting it, and providing the foundation for accelerated growth in future. You provide the leadership and direction of the company, ensure a secure business and financial platform, positioning us securely for the long term achievement of our mission.

To apply;

A covering letter & maximum 2 page CV, tailored to this role. Cover letter to include available start date & salary expectation range, email to

Silverleaf Academy is also accepting applications for;

  • M&E Associate
  • Classroom Teaching Assistant
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Marketing Interns
  • Education Development Interns

If interested in being a part of a diverse, innovative team working to solve large educational challenges in order to increase access and quality education, please send your resume and cover letter to

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