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Silverleaf Academy partners with Arusha Modern School

April 30, 2017

Sivlerleaf Academy have partnered with Arusha Modern school, an English Medium private primary school located in Sakina, Arusha City which was founded in 1997. The pre-primary and primary school, which has over 200 students enrolled, has requested Silverleaf Academy staff introduce our C21st style of teaching and learning into their classrooms. We will be coaching their teachers, introducing more effective school management systems, and helping the school increase its student enrollment over the next six months. If you are interested in finding out more information for your own children, please email .

Education Training Courses Available in Arusha in June

April 30, 2017

Silverleaf Academy is an affordable school chain provider working across the Arusha region. We utilize classroom technology and student centered learning approaches to provide exceptional quality education.

This year in June Silverleaf Academy will offer training in Sakina, Arusha City open to other schools' leaders and teachers, with three separate paid courses available:

    School management training June 5-9

    Modern teaching practices June 12-16

    Numeracy and literacy skills June 19-23

For more information about availability and training package prices, please contact us at or +255715512066.

There will be a discount up to 25% of the last week before training.

The Gates Foundation visits Silverleaf Academy

April 30, 2017

Mr. Luke Justice of The Gates Foundation participates in a Silvereleaf Academy teacher training workshop

The Gates Foundation, one of the most well-known philanthropic organisations working in Sub-Saharan Africa, participated in an education sector fact finding mission in Tanzania over April. Silverleaf Academy were honoured to welcome their representative Mr. Luke Justice on a school tour of our first school, Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy. In addition, Luke visited a government primary school in Arusha city and then participated in an early childhood teacher training workshop which Silverleaf Academy were delivering in another school. The Gates Foundation are currently undertaking research looking at education systems in many countries around the globe. We welcome The Gates Foundation back to Tanzania soon!

Helping Parents understand their Child's Learning.

Apil 30, 2017

Before any term break, Silverleaf Academy students perform different assessments which involve showcasing what they have learnt during the term past to their parents and teachers.

This Easter mid-term break Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy pre-primary students did their learning assessments in front of their parents, demonstrating their counting skills, numbers recognition and letter recognition and phonics. 

Are you still interested in sending your children (aged 3-5) to join our pre-primary classes? Call us at 0672497852 to reserve your child's place now

Silverleaf Academy Launches Teacher Training Program

March 31, 2017

The visits of teachers, NGO's and schools to our first school, Silverleaf Bishop Kasula Academy, have led to many requests for Silverleaf Teacher Trainings to be made available for others to benefit. As a result, we have launched a Teacher Training Professional Development Program. This program offers outside schools and NGO's the opportunity to benefit from our teacher trainings. 

Silverleaf is now offering 1 or 2 day intensive courses on topics such as: Teaching with Technology, Special Education, or Developing Teaching Resources with Local Materials, as well as 5-day comprehensive courses on School Leadership, Student Centered Learning, Curriculum Development, or Early Childhood Education. The cost for NGO's or schools is 250,000 Per day for up to 30 people.

If interested contact our Education Lead, Kerri Elliott at +255 (0)653634972

Silverleaf Academy Partners with Other NGO's 

March 30, 2017

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania (TGFT) is a non-profit organization providing secondary school sponsorships, tutoring, internships and volunteer opportunities, and other assistance to girls that are academically gifted but require financial assistance in order to further their education

Grace and Dorcas  from TGFT have been volunteering at Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy this month working closely with the teachers developing learning resources, assisting in running class sessions, and other related activities during lessons.

We are grateful for this support and happy to partner with such a great organization.

Silverleaf Academy Expects to Launch a Series of Networking Events.

March 29, 2017

Silverleaf hosted it's first Educational Networking Event in Arusha bringing together different education professionals in Arusha to discuss various topics such as; using technology and the need for improved teacher training. 

Silverleaf hopes to continue to host various networking events for educationalists in Tanzania as a way to connect people and provide a forum for them to share ideas and learn from each other. It was a great event and we hope to host many others in the future. 

Stay tuned to our facebook page for more events to come.

Learning Space Early Childhood Centre Visits Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy.

March 22, 2017

Parents from the Learning Space Early Childhood Centre visited Silverleaf Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy to plan student transfers in June and learn about our tablets and students centered learning methods.

We welcome individuals and parents for school tour and to learn more, enroll your child here

Join Our Shool by Enrolling Your 3-5 Year Old Today.

March 20, 2017

Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy in Majego,Arusha still welcomes you to be part of their family by enrolling your child today for pre primary.The chances are few you can register your kids here or you can visit today for the school tour and learning more on the registration process

Silverleaf Academy attend Global school Annual forum in Switzerland.

Feb 15, 2017

The Global Schools Forum is an independent membership organisation focused on supporting and representing non-state school operators to enable them to deliver better quality education to children from low income communities

Our C.E.O Dr.Gordon carver and our Education Lead Miss Kerri Elliott are representing Silverleaf Academy in discussion that involves answering questions on:

• How best we can deliver in-service training for the staff whilst maintaining the quality.

• How to strengthen school network’s pre service recruiting high quality staff at a higher speed while scaling.

• How do you improve pre-service training to have the right balance in the classroom training and knowledge of teacher pedagogy?

Parental engagement in Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy

Feb 10, 2017

Parents are crucial resource in the educational journey of their children, parents at Silverleaf bishop Kisula Academy taking part in understanding their child’s need, supporting teachers and also allowed to volunteer towards school operations.

Welcome to Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy,Majengo Arusha.

We are still enrolling students here, pre- primary age (3-5), standard one age (6) and standard three age (8)

Sports and Games for a better personal, social and health of your child

feb 10, 2017

Playing sports offers many personal, social and health advantages, including the development of esteem and team skills, better overall fitness and increased good relationship between students. 

Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy has the best playground for their students, enrol your child today here

Dr.Gordon Carver talking to parents on our opening day.

Jan 28,2017

Dr. Gordon Carver, CEO of Silverleaf Academy spoke to the parents who attended our launching day on 28th January 2017. The opening day aimed at demostrating the technology (tablets) used in the class, model of our class rooms setup and how our highly trained teachers can deliver lessons.

We are still registering kids here, visit today for the school tour and registration proces.

Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Opening day 28th.

jan 27, 2017

Welcome to Silverleaf Bishop Kisula academy launching day on 28th January 2017, Majengo at 10am. You will get chance to register your child,see demonstration  of our classrooms model and setup, meet our well trained teachers, and tablets as our teaching tool.

Places are filling up  fast register you child here

Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy opening


Silverleaf Academy is delighted to announce the opening of our first school.

This will be Silverleaf Bishop Kisula Academy in Majengo, Arusha and we hope to fill 200 places by the official open date of 1 February. We have places available for pre-primary, standard one and standard three students.

Sign up a student here.

New schools opening early 2017.

Dec, 2016

We are receiving a lot of parent questions about when our first school is opening and we are thrilled that many parents want to enroll their child with us. Currently we are working on opening two school sites, one in Arusha and one in Moshi. We are awaiting formal paperwork and permission from the local government to register those schools and hope both can open in late January. We will send another newsletter announcing the launch of each school, and in the meantime we encourage interested customers to register with us to join a school waiting list and to keep updated with our news via the Silverleaf Academy Facebook page. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

We have launched our new Usa-River tuition programme with our first 14 students!

Dec, 2016

We have officially started our student-centred tuition model at Rivertrees Garden, and at Young Rose Primary School both located in Usa-River. Our program includes:

  • Student-centred assessments to determine student strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Highly trained Silverleaf Academy teachers to support students in English and maths using our Mwabu tablets as a tool to deliver the lessons.

The tuition will run until December 16th 2016. If you are interested in sending your child, please call +255682990664 to reserve a place

Silverleaf Academy meet The Mayor of Moshi.

Dec, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

Our C.E.O Dr. Gordon Carver (on the left) together with our Operations Director Mr. Wilfred (on the right) recently met the Mayor of Moshi, Honorable Mr. Raymond Mboya, to discuss how best we can register our schools while working in line with government regulations.The Mayor appreciates the work done so far by Silverleaf Academy,and we look forward to continuing working to support the government in any way we can.

The unique features of our education tablets.

Nov, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

Silverleaf Academy primary classrooms use tablets provided by Mwabu and key features include:

  •  E-Books arranged in a virtual library by ability level.
  • Interactive apps to support students drawing, writing and other key skills.
  • Video, voice and pictures to support maximum understanding.
  • Quizzes for measuring the level of a child's comprehension

Silverleaf Academy is now on Instagram and Twitter.

Nov, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

We value our customers and people we work with, Silverleaf Academy is now available on social networks to be closer to you, follow us on Twitter (@SilverleafTZ) and Instagram (@silverleafacademy) pages through our usernames

Silverleaf Academy Celebrates First Teacher Graduates

October 21, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

We are delighted to welcome the first eleven Silverleaf Academy teacher graduates from our school in Moshi who have completed three months of training in student-centred learning techniques. 

On Friday 21 October friends, family, teachers and staff all celebrated their achievements with a graduation ceremony. 

The teachers completed their course in the areas of: 

1.Student Centred Learning Strategies

2.Positive Learning Environments & Child Protection

3.Technology Training (Mwabu & Ubongo)

4.Early Childhood Education & Jolly Phonics

5.Practical Teaching Experience

The group will return to teach at Silverleaf Academy next year. 

Silverleaf Academy selected as a Scholarship Entrepreneur for SOCAP 2016 in San Francisco

September 14, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

Our CEO, Dr. Gordon Carver, attended SOCAP to represent Silverleaf Academy from 12th to 16th of September. SOCAP is  the largest conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs in the world,

At this meeting Dr. Carver presented the social impact Silverleaf Academy schools will have through giving affordable and quality education to Tanzanians from a low and middle income background.

SOCAP was founded by Kevin Jones in 2008 as a platform where social impact leaders can connect and present their ideas to a global audience.

COSTECH Conference: Silverleaf Academy Meet the Minister of Education 

Aug 24, 2016

New Teachers at Silverleaf Academy

In August Silverleaf was invited to the COSTECH Forum for Innovation in Dar Es Salaam to discuss the ways innovative technology can influence development.

Christian, our Business Development Associate, met with the Tanzanian Minister of Education, Science and Technology Prof. Joyce Ndalichako and explained the way our tablets improve education. Minister Ndalichako was impressed with our use of tablets and mobile technology in conjunction with the Tanzanian curriculum.

Visiting Mwabu - interactive tablet supplier

May 30, 2016

Mwabu interactive learning tablet computer

Silverleaf Academy CEO (Gordon), Education Lead (Kerri) and our first Head Teacher (Samwel) were lucky enough to visit our tablet supplier Mwabu in Lusaka, Zambia in May 2016. We saw several schools using the Mwabu tablets and learnt a lot from our colleagues at Mwabu Head Office.

Welcome on board our first two teachers, Head Teacher Samwel Jonah and Primary Teacher Grace Makirita. They will soon be beginning their preservice teacher training schedule and we wish them all the best of luck!  

Silverleaf Academy wins DFID funding

May 1, 2016

Silverleaf Academy have successfully won a three year start-up grant from DFID's Human Development Innovation Fund.   

Ubongo Kids partnership 

April 1, 2016

Silverleaf Academy is delighted to have signed a partnership agreement with Ubongo Kids who produce superb animated education media content, which we we look forward to piloting in our first schools.  

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