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We are collection of  schools that utilizes highly trained teachers, student centred learning approaches, technology intergration and increased parental involvement to provide high quality affordable education. 

 "Silverleaf Academy students will not leave us without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and counting, whilst also being prepared for a world where critical thinking, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship are a must."

- Dr. Gordon Carver & Co-Founder, Silverleaf Academy 

Highly Trained Teachers 

In addition to their teaching qualifications, all Silverleaf teachers and teaching assistants undergo various training opportunities throughout the year. These training include effective classroom management, student-centred teaching techniques, effective questioning and assessment strategies, child psychology and positive behavior management, special education, supporting school routines and procedures, parental feedback, school data analysis and the appropriate use of technology to assist with lesson planning and delivery.

All Silverleaf teachers and teaching assistants are able to obtain an additional 320 hours of training from internal and external trainers in the course of one year.

Student Centred Learning Model

To provide for small group learning and higher quality education, students within a Silverleaf lesson are divided into three groups and rotate between three different sets of activities. In every lesson a teacher will give the objective of the lesson and introduce the lesson to the classroom. Then students will be arranged to work within their groups. One group will work directly with the teacher in a small group setting to gain information about the objective. The second group with work in a small group setting working together to complete a student centred learning task related to the lesson objective. The third group will work in partners using technology to complete activities related to the lesson objective. Throughout the lesson the children will rotate around the room access all types of learning activities and ensuring a complete understanding of the lesson objective. The lesson will end with the teacher conducting a formative assessment and plenary to check for students understanding.

This model ensures that teachers and students work in small groups to learn from each other, that students are able to conduct activities in the classroom engaging all class members, and opportunities for critical thinking and communication skills exist.

Technology Integration

Technology is a vital part of the Silverleaf Model, as it supports both students and teachers across all grades and all subjects. By using projectors, video and picture imagery and e-learning materials teachers can access a combination of interactive quizzes, music, read-along text, and instructional videos engaging and enhancing the student’s learning experience. Every Silverleaf classroom will have access to a classroom projector, off line digital content of teaching resources, and tablets supporting literacy and numeracy skills through e-learning.  

Technology also supports our affordable school model helping HeadTeachers manage administration tasks through the use of a student information system that allows for data tracking using a simple smart phone. 

Parental / Guardian Engagement

Parents are a critical resource in the educational journey of their children, and parents subscribing to Silverleaf will not only need to volunteer their time towards certain school activities, but will also participate in a Parent Advisory Committee helping to make decisions within the school. Parents will also be encouraged to commit time every day with their children reviewing and supporting their learning activities at home.

Silverleaf Academy will have multiple channels of interaction with our parents and students, including SMS-based updates and trainings and workshops hosted in each school.

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