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We are the first school in Tanzania to deploy an interactive
tablet based curriculum

Interactive Tablet Learning

The tablet device is a critical technology for Silverleaf, as it replaces the conventional classroom textbook for both the students and the teachers across all grades and all subjects. By using the tablet as a digital textbook future curriculum changes are easy to download (without needing to purchase brand new textbooks) and that the combination of interactive quizzes, music, read-along text, and instructional videos all enhance the student’s learning experience. The content is designed for students to work through it in pairs, which also activates peer-learning and peer-assessment:

 "Silverleaf Academy students will not leave us without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and counting, whilst also being prepared for a world where critical thinking, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship are a must."

- Dr. Gordon Carver, CEO & Co-Founder, Silverleaf Academy 

The Station Rotation Model

The cycle of learning

Students within a lesson are typically divided into three groups of twenty and will rotate between three different sets of activities, one of which will involve studying in pairs on a tablet computer loaded with multi-media learning materials for the lesson in hand. We call this the station/rotation model, as it allows all learners to pick up new content, practice it by themselves, and then check with their teacher or teaching assistant for their comprehension:

Teacher Training

In addition to their teaching qualifications, all Silverleaf teachers and teaching assistants undergo a minimum of 3 weeks pre-service training, which covers the basics of effective classroom management, student-centred teaching techniques, effective questioning and assessment, child psychology, school procedures, parental feedback, and appropriate use of the tablet computers for lesson planning and delivery.

In addition to this, teachers receive in-service training at least for one day per term, which address specifically identified needs based on classroom observations.

Parental / Guardian Engagement

Parents are a critical resource in the educational journey of their children, and parents subscribing to Silverleaf will not only need to volunteer their time towards certain school operations by way of reducing costs, but will also commit to spending time every day with their wards reviewing and supporting their personalised learning plans.

Silverleaf Academy will have multiple channels of interaction with our parents and students, including SMS-based daily updates.

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